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Garnier Light Complete Combo 2

Garnier Light Complete Combo 2

Garnier Light Complete Combo 2 Contains :
Garnier Light Complete Night Cream: (MRP: 185.0.00/-) | Quantity: 1 | Expiry Date: 15 February 2020 | MRP Freeze:
Active White Molecule: : This revolutionary molecule is one of the best whitening ingredients which has 10X power of Vitamin C to give instant whitening and flawless skin
Features: Instant whitening :provides instant whitening.
Sun protection: protects skin from further darkening by harmful UVA and UVB sun rays.
Lasting fairness: makes you two tones fairer in 2 weeks.
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Garnier Light Complete Fairness Serum Cream: (MRP: 129.0.00/-) | Quantity: 1 | Expiry Date: 15 March 2021 | MRP Freeze:
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