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Denver Gift Pack Hamilton (Deo 150 Ml And Perfume 50 Ml)

Denver Gift Pack Hamilton (Deo 150 Ml And Perfume 50 Ml)

Denver Men Hamilton EDP Perfume This scent drives away the foul body odour, refreshing you
It protects you from odour causing germs
This aromatic flavour invigorates your senses making you feel vibrant
It is a perfect all time wear for all men
Denver Men Hamilton EDP Deodorant The enigmatic fragrance is layered with top notes of everything masculine
Gives the surge of freshness and sensuality that never goes unnoticed
Keeps you in the game long after its played out
EDP perfume: 60 ml
Deodorant: 165 ml
It is a private range of body deodorant and EDP planned for the contemporary man to go with his individuality and attitude.

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