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Women love to flaunt their fashion statement throughout the day. But when it comes to nightwear, these statement-makers crave for softness and comfortability for a peaceful night. Sleepwear doesn't mean a mere garment that you change in the night before you hit your bed. Nightgown for women should be chic and comfy that flaunts your femininity with style on those lazy weekends. That is why Looksgud has rounded up all the best night slips including nightsuits, stylish cotton nighty, cool unisex pants, t-shirt dresses, pyjamas, night slips, nightwear shirts, jumpsuit, and more from diverse coveted brands like Jockey, Clovia and so on. So start browsing these varieties today and enjoy delightful comfortability.

Can you compare anything with a relaxing nap in your cozy bed with great mental peace after spending a hectic day in your office? The right nighty with breathable fabric contributes a lot to relish this luxurious comfort. After all who wants a sticky too tight nightdress that looks hideous and frumpy and wakes you up again and again at night? Therefore, choosing the best clothes is essential for both men and women. That is why we have rounded up all the best pieces from brands like Amazon Flipkart and more with a proper price tag, reviews, ratings, and other crucial trivia to save your valuable time and money. You can easily filter, skim and plump for your preferred options and scoop up the best classics that will give you utmost comfortability and style.

10 Different types of night dress for Women to Buy Online in India

Now you must be wondering what type of nightdress should you choose to enjoy a peaceful sleeping night. Check out these coveted options and decide on your own.

1. Pyjamas

Slip into a pair of stylish pyjamas to embrace utmost comfort. When an elegant t-shirt teams up with a floor-length or a knee-length loose-fitting pant, it creates a new nighty style called pyjamas. Define your unique personality with various petite, plus size pyjama sets that feature different mystic colors and beautiful designs.

2. Nighties

This one is one of the comfiest night slips that are crafted from fabrics. These short-sleeved or sleeveless nightwear features of flyered lower half that add comfortability throughout the day. The relaxing nature of a cotton nighty encourages your body to drift peacefully off to dreamland.

3. Night Capris

If you are not a shorts and tees kind of a girl, you can always opt for t-shirts with capris for a Girl Next Door look. This one is cute nightwear that hugs you snugly in all seasons. Capris usually sit perfectly beneath your knee and give you sufficient coverage. If you are going out for a morning walk, you can always create an impressive look with these elegant pieces.

4. Nightdress

A Nightdress is a stylish version of nighties that comes with three different variants. With classy prints and solid colors these stunners can make your day with its elegant look. Bountiful designs are available with long jackets and a classy nightgown so that you can plump for your favorite one.

5. Babydoll

Are you ready to woe your special one with a seductive baby doll nightdress? These comfy and lacy head-turners add that extra oomph with its short hemlines to make you feel like a Diva. Additionally, its bralette and pantie give you desired optimum coverage and instantly updates your night style game.

6. Night Jumpsuit (Romper)

We have seen many glamorous celebs slaying this fashion trend. You can also rock and add sheer sexiness with a short jumpsuit to your look. Girls who want to look cool on chilling winter nights should go for full-length jumpsuits. From printed stunners to cute classics, we have covered up everything for fashionistas like you.

7. Bathrobes

Are you going to be a bride soon? Then these stylish and seductive pieces are the perfect choices for you. You will find an extensive range of designs with an appealing length that will impress you with their feminine quality. A satin knee-length robs set with cute baby prints or elegant floral prints will look snazzy at night.

8. Chemises

Chemises are loose-fitting straight shoulder nightdresses from the 1920s. These trendy gowns feature spaghetti straps and short hemlines and look extremely sophisticated and stylish. Lightweight fabrics like silk or satin turn them into ultra-soft stunners perfect for a peaceful sleeping night.

9. Shorts

Shorts and t-shirts are a divine combo. You can stay comfortable and sexy at the same time. On the other hand, short nightdresses are adorable pieces that soothe your body and mind. Among these two types of classic options, you can pick your desired one to feel that awesomeness daily.

10. Nightwear Shirts

Nightwearshirts also known as PJ's, always speak about laziness and comfort. If you are someone who wants to laze around instead of going shopping on those holidays, it's a perfect piece for you. With its funky style and decency, you can easily step out of your house by wearing these stunners.

Looksgud's wide range of nightwear offers you maximum comfortability without compromising the style. From low maintenance cotton nighty to sumptuous silky nightgowns or night slips with hoodie we have something for every fashion insider. These breathable pyjamas, jumpsuits, and dressing gowns are kind to your skin. It will add warmness in winter and a cool touch on those hot summer days. You don't have to compromise luxuriousness and serenity for price. That's because Lookgud has also included all those stunning pieces that come with the best quality and low price.

The best part is all these coveted items are available in different materials, including cotton, fabric, polyester, silk, and a lot more. Are you worried about patterns? Well, from ombre to paisley, woven, chevron, abstract, and a bunch of options are waiting for you so that you can plan your peaceful napping on your beautiful queen-size bed and look good at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing now.

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