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Searching for the designer women's shirt that defines your style statement? We've curated the latest shirt designs and patterns like a check, striped, floral printed, embroidered in long and full sleeve combination to update your formal and casual capsule wardrobe.
Nakoda Creation Women's Plain Slim fit Shirt
₹274 ₹999 73% OFF Amazon
Shirt with Curved Hemline
₹608 ₹1599 62% OFF Ajio
Tokyo Talkies Women Black & White Regular Fit Checked Casual Shirt
₹574 Myntra
Spread-Collar Shirt with Placement Print
₹1000 ₹2499 60% OFF Ajio
Slim Fit Shirt with Concealed Placket
₹1299 Ajio
Checked Shirt with Spread Collar
₹419 ₹699 40% OFF Ajio
Woven Shirt with 34th Sleeve
₹1343 ₹1599 16% OFF Ajio
Striped Tunic with Patch Pocket
₹441 ₹899 51% OFF Ajio
Shirt with Band Collar
₹782 ₹1699 54% OFF Ajio
Spread-Collar Shirt with Patch Pocket
₹1499 Ajio
Slim Fit Classic Shirt
₹736 ₹2375 69% OFF Ajio
Shirt with Concealed Button Placket
₹1599 Ajio
Striped High-Low Shirt
₹1150 ₹2299 50% OFF Ajio
Striped Shirt with Extended Sleeves
₹800 ₹1999 60% OFF Ajio
Denim Shirt with Button-Flap Pockets
₹674 ₹899 25% OFF Ajio
3/4th Sleeves Slim Fit Shirt
₹736 ₹2375 69% OFF Ajio
Blouse Shirt with Curved Hemline
₹399 ₹499 20% OFF Ajio
Solid Shirt with Spread Collar
₹637 ₹1300 51% OFF Ajio
Outryt Black Striped Women Shirt
₹1034 ₹1499 31% OFF Ajio
Outryt Women Black Utility Shirt with Flap Pockets
₹674 ₹899 25% OFF Ajio
Mayra Maroon Slim Fit Shirt
₹398 ₹995 60% OFF Ajio
DNMX Yellow Textured Shirt Ladder Lace Inserts
₹343 ₹699 51% OFF Ajio
Outryt Checked Crop Shirt
₹600 ₹1499 60% OFF Ajio
Outryt Women Blue Floral Print Shirt
₹599 ₹799 25% OFF Ajio
ZX3 Women's Shirt (SHIRT_F_BL_S_Black_Small)
₹475 ₹1299 63% OFF Amazon
C.Cozami Women's Casual Shirt (MC075S_Black_Small)
₹495 ₹1199 59% OFF Amazon
Oxolloxo Women Blue Regular Fit Printed Casual High-Low Shirt
₹440 ₹1099 60% OFF Ajio + 1 Stores
Mayra Blue Denim Solid Slim Fit Shirt
₹657 ₹1195 45% OFF Ajio
God Bless Yellow Cotton Checks Shirts
₹449 ₹1199 63% OFF Amazon
Camo Print Shacket with Flap Pockets
₹441 ₹899 51% OFF Ajio
Outryt Textured Women Blue Shirt
₹974 ₹1299 25% OFF Ajio
Outryt Women Shirt with Patch Pockets
₹959 ₹1599 40% OFF Ajio
Sugr by Unlimited Women's Slim Fit Lining Cotton Shirt
₹264 ₹499 47% OFF Amazon
Cherokee White cotton Plaid Sleeveless Slim Fit Shirt
₹319 ₹599 47% OFF Amazon
Vastraa Fusion Black And White Cotton Checked Full Sleeve Shirt
₹394 ₹1599 75% OFF Amazon
G.S.A Enterprises Black Cotton checked Half Sleeve Shirt
₹625 ₹999 37% OFF Amazon
Funday Fashion Pink Casual Roll Up Sleeve Plain Shirt
₹339 ₹1299 74% OFF Amazon
Fasnoya Sky Blue Denim Long Sleeve Shirt
₹689 ₹1999 66% OFF Amazon
VERO MODA Sky Blue Polyester Long Sleeve Formal Shirt
₹729 ₹2299 68% OFF Amazon
Heather Hues blue denim regular shirt
₹1204 ₹2190 45% OFF Limeroad

The shirt is an essential cloth in a women’s wardrobe. LooksGud offers trendy shirts for women in varied patterns and colors to glorify the feminine in you. Find shirts at reasonable prices from designated online sites such as Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, and more.

Shop women’s latest shirt designs online in India

As the saying goes, change is the new constant. But nothing can dim the dazzle of the women’s shirt. However, changing its pattern according to the trend and modernization would make it more sparkly. Fill your wardrobe with the most aesthetic shirt designs you can ever want. Shop your favorite designs from LooksGud and wear your desired shirt above a skirt, pants, rugged jeans, and denim shorts. Avail of the finest collection of inconsiderate discounts and flexible sizes and colours. The stack starts from casual cotton shirts and ranges to the exquisite Torqadorn shirts. Get your spectacles and spare some time for this mandatory shopping.

Different Types of Shirt for Women to Buy Online in India at best price

Every pattern has an occasion, whether it is a check shirt or an off-shoulder. While shopping, you must also keep in mind the platform and its budget. There are tons of designs and their matchable bottoms that would add extra glory to your personality. 

  1. Check Shirt: Are you planning a road trip with your group? Or are you looking for casual attire to go shopping or to visit your friend? Well, a check shirt is what you are seeking. The differed linings and borders give it a funky look and wearing it above rugged jeans or shorts is what we call “Looking Smart.” Try check shirts in yellow, blue, pink, or green and enlighten the outfit. 
  1. Striped Shirt: If you are looking for a decent and formal outfit for your meeting or workplace, the striped shirt is the answer. The elegant shirt with black, blue, or white stripes gives it an enlightening look and can make you the star of the show. With your talent and your outfit’s decency, you can rob the interviewer’s heart.
  1. Printed Shirt: Need a casual yet decorative attire for a beach party? The printed shirt is what comes to my mind. The small floral prints and the lightweight fabric, definitely declares you, the coolest at the party. Swing your hair and dance to your favorite songs wearing such magnificent designs.
  1. Long-Sleeved Shirt: It is the most versatile cloth in your wardrobe. Have to attend a conference? Put on a white long-sleeved shirt above trousers or pencil skirt. But, if you want to go clubbing put on a red or blue long-sleeved shirt above shorts or rugged jeans. Wait till you see yourself rocking the party. 
  1. Short-Sleeved Shirt: A short-sleeved shirt is a boon for summers. A tint of yellow, blue, and baby pink is what makes it more attractive. Its simplicity is fashionable, and elegance is the treasure. Put on a short-sleeved shirt and go wherever you desire. 
  1. Casual Shirts: Another flexible cloth for your afterparty or casual occasion. Cotton casual shirts rank on the top in comfortability and attractiveness. Open your hair, wear denim shorts and casual loafer shoes below. 
  1. Formal Shirts: As the name says, the formal shirt is an integral outfit for your board meetings, workplace, or job-interviews. Tuck in your shirt and wear trousers or pants with short boots underneath, and watch yourself scoring an extra ace in the meet. 
  1. Embroidered Shirts: Whether you are a blonde or brunette, wearing an embroidered shirt enhances your look. The subtle decoration on a white or light blue shirt is very pleasing. You can wear slim-fit-jeans underneath and showcase your jaw-drop personality.
  1. Pocket Shirts: Whether it is denim or rayon, pocket and double pocket shirts are aesthetically attractive. Wearing a jean or shorts underneath with one side of the shirt tucked in, gives it a dapper look. You can wear a bun and shoes in footwear and boss around like a pro.
  1. Front- Tie Shirt: Whether it's summers or winters, a front-tie shirt never goes out of style. The adorable pattern is a modified version of casual wear and looks dashing if carried properly. You can put on a denim shirt on the top if you wish to give it a cooler look. Wear it on a date night, a restaurant, or casual photo-shoot. 

Types of Shirt Fabrics

It is essential to have a piece of good knowledge about the fabric of the shirt you are buying. Some of them include:

  1. Satin: A shiny, lustrous material that gives an exclusive look to the shirt. Satin Shirt is admirable under jackets and is the perfect fit for informal occasions.
  1. Linen: Its light, soft quality is a boon for summers. It is cool to touch and relaxes us during parties. The material tends to soften after every wash.
  1. Denim: A twill fabric with a coarse texture. The denim shirt is a versatile cloth and is incredible for various occasions. The lighter the shade, the more it suits in the daylight. 
  1. Cotton: Cotton shirts are the finest designs. The elegance and smoothness it holds are indispensable. The high-quality fabric is elusive. 
  1. Knit: Knit Shirts are flexible for various events. The fabric is exquisite and gives your personality a fierce look.
  1. Wool: Wool Shirt is a perfect match for winters. The fabric keeps you warm, and the shirt gives you a groomed look.

A Shirt is a go-to cloth for everyone. The comfort and classy look it offers is priceless. LookGud provides you with a vast collection of women's shirts for your interviews and parties. Whether it is a long-sleeved, double pocket, or off-shoulder patterned shirt, get ready to blow the audience’s mind. You will find more to wear at reasonable prices from the designated online sites such as Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, and more. Pick your pattern and choose your style! So, what are you waiting for? Pick yourself an outfit and let everybody bow.