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Women's Mangalsutras: Buy New Long Designs in Gold & Diamond at Best Price (763 items)

A diamond mangalsutra is the best ornament that you can ever buy. For embracing your love of gold or silver wedding mangalsutra chain, we have curated the latest designs from Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. Shop new South Indian, Gujrati, or Maharashtrian Mangalsutra coming from top brands like CaratLane, Tanishq, and more.
Digital Dress Room Gold Plated Antique Design Mangalsutra
₹609 ₹699 13% OFF Amazon
RAMDEV ART Gold Plated & Beaded Alloy Mangalsutra
₹199 ₹999 80% OFF Flipkart
RAMDEV ART Gold Plated & Beaded Alloy Mangalsutra
₹404 ₹1499 73% OFF Flipkart
Mansiyaorange Traditional One Gram Gold Glorious Hand Meena Long Mangalsutra
₹385 ₹1399 72% OFF Amazon
Vermont Stylish Traditional Designer Latest Trendy Alloy Mangalsutra
₹206 ₹1349 85% OFF Flipkart
PARNA Traditional One Gram Gold Plated Maharashtrian Style Golden Mangalsutra
₹349 ₹1999 83% OFF Amazon
Brado Jewellery One Gram Gold plated & Beaded Mangalsutra
₹171 ₹449 62% OFF Flipkart
brado jewellery Brado Jewellery One Gram Rose Gold plated American Diamond Mangalsutra tanmaniya Black Beaded chain For Women and Girls Brass Mangalsutra
₹230 ₹799 71% OFF Flipkart
Priyaasi Black Gold-Plated AD-Studded & Beaded Mangalsutra
₹392 Myntra
brado jewellery Brado Jewellery One Gram Gold plated jewelry Stylish Pendant Mangalsutra tanmaniya Black Bead chain For Women and Girls Brass Mangalsutra
₹149 ₹349 57% OFF Flipkart
DC Love Swan Mangalsutra Set
₹289 ₹999 71% OFF Amazon + 1 Stores
Archi Collection white gold plated pendant
₹526 ₹750 30% OFF Limeroad
Indian Women parijaat cz mangalsutra for women
₹332 ₹800 59% OFF Limeroad
Archi Collection white gold plated pendant
₹521 ₹950 45% OFF Limeroad
Archi Collection white gold plated pendant
₹360 ₹750 52% OFF Limeroad
Indian Women parijaat cz mangalsutra for women
₹600 ₹1200 50% OFF Limeroad
Bhagya Lakshmi Gold Plated Beaded Mangalsutra
₹199 ₹1299 85% OFF Amazon
PANASH Gold-Plated & Black Beaded Antique Bracelet Mangalsutra Set
₹494 Myntra
justpeachy Black And Gold-Plated Cubic Zirconia Studded Mangalsutra & Earrings Set
₹509 Myntra
Eternal aadita Gold-Plated Black & White AD-Studded & Beaded Mangalsutra With Earrings
₹402 Myntra
Priyaasi Black Gold-Plated AD-Studded & Beaded Mangalsutra & Earrings Set
₹527 Myntra
Eternal aadita Gold-Plated Black & White AD-Studded & Beaded Mangalsutra With Earrings
₹461 Myntra
brado jewellery Brado Jewellery Gold Plated American Diamond Mangalsutra Tanmaniya Nallapusalu Necklace Pendant Black Bead Golden Chain For Women and Girls
₹210 ₹999 79% OFF Flipkart
Mansiyaorange Multicolour 1 g Long Mangalsutra
₹445 ₹1699 74% OFF Amazon
Divastri Stylish and Trendy Golden Alloy Mangalsutra
₹299 ₹1999 85% OFF Flipkart
DealDelight American Diamond Gold Plated Mangalsutra Combo Alloy Mangalsutra Brass Mangalsutra
₹190 ₹599 68% OFF Flipkart
Fancy Dealz antique001 Brass Mangalsutra
₹229 ₹425 46% OFF Flipkart
jewel STORE S Letter Alphabet Name Gold Plated Pendant Locket For Girls/Women Gold-plated Alloy Design New Model Mangalsutras Alloy Mangalsutra
₹229 ₹888 74% OFF Flipkart
Jewel WORLD Alloy Mangalsutra
₹349 ₹1199 71% OFF Flipkart
Vraj india Alloy Mangalsutra
₹229 ₹899 75% OFF Flipkart
Indian Women parijaat cz mangalsutra for women
₹626 ₹750 17% OFF Limeroad
JHB Gold Plated Bracelet Latest hand Mangalsutra Bracelet
₹175 ₹950 82% OFF Amazon
JEWELS GEHNA Black Gold-Plated AD-Studded & Beaded Mangalsutra & Earrings Set
₹1400 Myntra
SATJEWEL Excellent Finished S Letter Diamond Mangalsutra For Women's Mangalsutra Alloy Mangalsutra
₹206 ₹1299 84% OFF Flipkart
Bhana Fashion Gold-Plated & AD-Studded Beaded Mangalsutra
₹515 Myntra
Golden Ball Mangalsutra For Women
₹328 ₹500 34% OFF ShopClues
Bhagya Lakshmi Pride Gold Plated Antique Mangalsutra With Earrings
₹332 ₹1299 74% OFF ShopClues
Bhagya Lakshmi Pride Traditional Gold Plated Mangalsutra With Earrings
₹252 ₹999 75% OFF ShopClues
Indian Women parijaat cz mangalsutra for women
₹776 ₹800 Limeroad
Archi Collection gold plated pendant
₹261 ₹750 65% OFF Limeroad

Carrying the separate ethnic relevance, a mangalsutra is considered to be the belonging of true love. In India, a wedding gets accomplished only when the groom ties the mangalsutra in the neck of the bride. So, for reconciling the craze of the Mangalsutra designs, here you can count upon multiple options that are specifically picked from the leading online stores like- Amazon, Flipkart or Ajio.

Everyone knows that buying a mangalsutra hits hard on pocket but on our platform, you can decide to buy mangalsutra online for under 15,000 rupees. Additionally, the countless designs and stunning patterns will make you fall in love with these wedding neck chains at the first sight. Below mentioned are the primary categories of Mangalsutra that you can shop out now-

Gold Mangalsutra

Seeking a Mangalsutra to keep for life? If yes, then buy online the gold Mangalsutra equipped with the latest design plus pattern.

Diamond Mangalsutra

Make your wedding a bit more shimmering by buying a diamond Mangalsutra online. The finish of these diamond Mangalsutra sets will leave you awestruck.

Silver Mangalsutra

It's always better to move on with unique choices, so add the accuracy of uniqueness on your wedding day by buying the best quality silver Mangalsutra right now.

South Indian Mangalsutra

Planning to tie your knot through a South Indian wedding? Then, you really can't miss out the extended array of gold South Indian Mangalsutra landing exclusively in the row of Kerala Mangalsutra, Tamil Mangalsutra or Telugu Mangalsutra of Karnataka Mangalsutra.


Covering all the requisite rituals of the Bihari culture, Taagpaag holds incredible significance in the wedding. So, go ahead and order your diamond Tagapag or gold Taagpaag at the moment.

Thaali Kodi

Are you searching for the best Thali Kodi for a Tamil bride? Get the latest Mangalsutra design of Thali Kodi at the most reasonable prices.


Minnu is the heart-shaped pendant Mangalsutra which signifies the bond for Kerala Christians. Here you can look back for the stylish Minnu Mangalsutra at pocket-friendly rates.


For glorifying the grace of all south Indian brides, we are allocating the greatest range of South Indian Mangalsutras like- Mangalsutra, Pustelu, Ramar Thali, Bottu

Gujrati Hindu Mangalsutra

Are you all set to take your love to the next love in Gujrati style? Glad to hear that, guess what? Now, you can buy the latest design Gujrati Hindu Mangalsutra at an unexpectedly low cost so buy it today.

Vati Mangalsutra

Can't wait to buy the most attractive piece of Vati Mangalsutra for a Mahrashtian wedding? Find the pause of your hunt with our distinctive designs of Vati Mangalsutra and witness the perfect picture of your bond.

Karthamani Pathak

Karthamani Pathak reflects the true shine of affection that too in the Maharashtrian style. If you are planning to marry with the Marathi usuals then buy online your gold or diamond Karthamani Pathak at the lowest possible rates.

Mangalsutra Bracelet

Every lady loves to wear the magnificent Mangalsutra bracelet. So, when you are acquiring your piece of astonishing gold, silver or diamond Mangalsutra bracelet? Stop thinking anymore and place your order today.

Mangalsutra Locket

A Mangalsutra Locket resembles your togetherness for ages. Buy the latest design of Mangalsutra lockets or pendants patterns even under 15000 and mark the major savings now.


Tips on How To Buy & Choose Right Mangalsutras for Women Online:

Every Indian is familiar with the enroot significance of a Managsutra. In India, a Mangalsutra is not only a piece of ornament but a thread of protection that keeps cherishing the bond of love forever. That’s the reason why in every Indian wedding, Mangalsutra serves as the righteous foundation of attachment for every couple. But, buying the best Mangalsutra is not at all easy. However, below mentioned are some tips that will surely assist you in choosing the right Mangalsutra online-

Know your type

Firstly make it extremely clear in your mind what kind of Mangalsutra you wish to buy. For sorting it out you can classify your pick in two parts- metal and culture. On the parts of metal buy a diamond, gold or a silver Mangalsutra, simultaneously on the parts of culture figure out your choice according to the culture such as Gujarati Mangalsutra, South Indian Mangalsutra, Maharashtrian Mangalsutra and so on.

Adore your design

Up next, you have to stay particular about the design plus pattern of the Mangalsutra. Look at the design of the locket that you are thinking of buying because it counts upon the real differences to the elegance of your Mangalsutra. Also, check back the formation of the back chain too since it's the legit way to finalise a remarkable Mangalsutra for every Indian wedding.

The brand is the saviour

At times you might have heard things like the colour of her Mangalsutra faded, do you know that it all happens when you avoid the value of a brand? Hence, always prefer to opt for a leading brand for receiving the real form of metals. In the same row, you can buy a Tanishq or CaratLane Mangalsutra.


How much does a Mangalsutra cost?

The cost of a Mangalsutra depends upon the metal you are choosing as the prices of gold, diamond or silver varies day to day. Still, a standard size Mangalsutra would cost you ranging from 15,000 rupees to 1,00,000 rupees.

Which Mangalsutra is best?

It all belongs to the choice that you are going to make still a gold or diamond Mangalsutra adorned with the latest design is considered to be the best Mangalsutra.

How many types of Mangalsutra are there?

Numerous types of Mangalsutra are there still, some of the main types are Gold Mangalsutra, Diamond Mangalsutra, Silver Mangalsutra, south Indian mangalsutra, Taagpaag, Thaali Kodi, and Minnu.

How can I buy Mangalsutra?

You can buy a Mangalsutra online from Amazon, Flipkart, or Myntra. Additionally, you can go with LooksGud too, for buying the best Mangalsutra selected from all of these online outlets at economical rates.