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Women's Pendants & Pendant Set (979 items)

Shop latest designs of pendants & pendant sets at best prices in India. Shop from fancy pendant sets, crystal pendant necklace, heart pendant and earring sets, etc. from top brands.
Crunchy Fashion Persian Blue Austrian Crystal Pendant Necklace With Chain For Women by ETERNO FASHIONS
₹343 ₹1299 74% OFF Amazon + 1 Stores
Modish Look Beautiful Dolphin Love Magnetic Couple Valentine Lockets with Beaded Chain
₹376 ₹499 25% OFF Amazon
Nakabh Blue Austrian Crystal Platinum Plated Peacock Pendant Necklace Chain Gift For Women & Girls
₹279 ₹999 72% OFF Amazon
Omshop Drift Bottle Shaped Heart Filled Crystal Pendant Clavicle Chain Necklace (Pink)
₹153 ₹799 81% OFF ShopClues
Nakabh Rhodium Plated Alloy Pendant Set
₹468 ₹1999 77% OFF Flipkart
Chandrika Khanda Gold and Rhodium Plated Alloy God Pendant for Men & Women Made with Cubic Zirconia
₹247 ₹500 51% OFF Amazon
Tejvij And Sons 10 ratti Silver Cats Eye Pendant Silver for Men and Women
₹1289 Amazon
Ayana Wellness Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Healing Pendant Necklace Protection Negative Energy Cleanser Natural Stress Aid Soothe Mind Emotions - Authentic
₹790 ₹990 20% OFF Amazon
Gempro Certified Rose Quartz Love Gemstone Heart Charm Pendant for Women
₹590 ₹1800 67% OFF Amazon
Yellow Chimes Waves Heart Austrian Cyrstal Pendant Sets for Women & Girls
₹399 ₹2495 84% OFF Amazon
Clara 92.5 Sterling Silver Real Pearl Pendant with Chain Gift for Women and Girls
₹1799 ₹3598 50% OFF Amazon
Yellow Chimes Message heart Stainless Steel Never Fading Heart Rhodium Stainless Steel Pendant
₹499 ₹2495 80% OFF Flipkart
FD Styles High Street 18k Yellow Gold Plating Alloy Pink Pendant & Chain Casual Wear for Women & Girl's Gold-plated Plated Alloy Necklace
₹1573 ₹1850 15% OFF Flipkart
GIVA 925 Sterling Silver Zircon Solitaire Pendant with Chain with BIS Hallmarked for Women
₹1299 ₹2799 54% OFF Amazon
MFJ Fashion Jewellery gold brass pendant and earring
₹634 ₹2597 76% OFF Limeroad
MFJ Fashion Jewellery gold brass pendant
₹500 ₹2230 78% OFF Limeroad
Panash gold metal chain necklace
₹550 ₹1499 63% OFF Limeroad
MFJ Fashion Jewellery gold brass pendant and earring
₹500 ₹2164 77% OFF Limeroad
MUCH MORE red metal pendant
₹300 ₹869 65% OFF Limeroad
Oviya Rhodium Plated Valentine Collection Eternal Love Triple Heart Crystal Pendant set NL2103698RBlu
₹291 ₹2999 90% OFF ShopClues
Yellow Chimes Black Bullet Stainless Steel Rocking Rhodium Stainless Steel Pendant
₹449 ₹2375 81% OFF Flipkart
Yellow Chimes Famous Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Metal
₹295 ₹1133 74% OFF Flipkart
Men Style Couples His And Her Heart And Fish SPn011038 Stainless Steel Pendant Set
₹187 ₹899 79% OFF Flipkart
Blisscovered Gold-Toned & Pink Pendant with Chain
₹449 ₹599 25% OFF Myntra
Jewels Galaxy Rhodium-Plated Handcrafted Pendant with Crystals From Swarovski & Chain
₹1014 ₹2899 65% OFF Myntra
Peora Silver-Plated & White Necklace Made With Blue Swarovski Crystals
₹580 ₹1160 50% OFF Myntra
Ayesha Women Gold-Toned Endless Love Pendent With Sterling Gold Chain
₹538 ₹598 Myntra
Spargz Valentines Heart Rose-Gold Tone AD Stone Alloy Pendant Chain
₹400 ₹1000 60% OFF Myntra
Mahi Silver-Toned & Blue Crystal-Studded Heart & Key-Shaped Pendant with Chain
₹599 ₹1499 60% OFF Myntra
Peora Unisex Silver-Toned Couple Pendant with Chain Set
₹989 ₹1978 50% OFF Myntra
Peora Women Multicoloured Silver-Plated Gemstone Pendant
₹585 ₹1300 55% OFF Myntra
Ayesha Women Silver-Toned Cool Pendant With Chain
₹538 ₹598 Myntra
Peora Women 18KT Gold-Plated Swarovski Crystal-Studded Heart-Shaped Pendant With Chain
₹1360 Myntra
Jewels Galaxy Rhodium-Plated Handcrafted Pendant with Crystals From Swarovski & Chain
₹804 ₹2299 65% OFF Myntra
Oviya Rhodium Plated Valentine Collection Heart and Key Solitaire Pendant with Crystal Stones PS2101617RBlu
₹153 ₹1499 90% OFF ShopClues
Men Style New Design Couple Love You Red Black Alloy Heart Pendent For Men And Women
₹180 ₹1599 89% OFF ShopClues
Hot And Bold Pink Swarovski Crystals Diamond Heart/Love/Valentine Pendant Necklace For Women's
₹659 ₹4199 84% OFF Amazon
Amaal Jewellery Valentine Gifts Stylish Silver American Diamond Heart Necklace Pendant/Pendants for Women Girls with Chain -PS0189
₹299 Amazon
NAKABH Silver Plated Non-Precious Metal Chain Pendant Necklace for Girls
₹299 ₹1999 85% OFF Amazon
YouBella Fashion Jewellery Designer Zircon Necklace for Girls and Women
₹499 ₹2999 83% OFF Amazon