Amazing Kesh Rattan Hair Oil 100ML Amazing Kesh Rattan Hair Oil 100ML

Heena Amazing Kesh Rattan Hair Oil 100ML

Key Feature
Brand :   Amazing
PRODUCT DETAILS: Amazing Kesh Rattan Hair Oil 100ML 
The more you worry about hair fall, the more your hair is going to fall. Remember, that your body is changing with every day that passes by; you cannot expect only positive things to happen when you are not looking after your body's fitness. Stressing about work and home, not consuming nutritious food or even washing hair too often without oiling regularly can damage your hair and lead to severe hair fall. You can fight this never ending problem with the Amazing Kesh Rattan Hair Oil. Composed to help you supply necessary nourishment to your hair roots so that they stay rooted stronger and give you hair that is thicker, longer and more lustrous. Ideal for men and women, this oil can be used to give hair massages regularly.
The non-sticky formula of this oil makes application of this oil easy as now you will not find hair massages a messy affair. The oil has been composed from organic and herbal ingredients so your hair roots are supplied with the best of nature's blessings and this will ensure that your hair roots are nourished thoroughly. Fighting hair fall, this oil when applied to the scalp and massaged prevents scalp infections that could be causing your roots to lose strength and thus the increase in split-ends. Regular use of this oil will also tend to dryness and make sure that you can always enjoy soft, healthy and lustrous hair because the oil moisturizes the scalp and hair ends.
Key Benefits
Amazing Kesh Rattan hair oil grows hair 3X faster.
Regular use of Kesh Rattan before hair wash reduces protein loss.
It reduces damage to hair due to roughness.
It protects hair against damage & reduce split ends by 50%
Oil regularly with Kesh Rattan for 2X stronger Hair.
Kesh Rattan reduces damage to hair due to dullness.
How to use Amazing Kesh Rattan oil for excellent results:
Step 1
To arrest hair fall, apply Kesh Rattan oil for 10 nights, by massaging into the scalp in a circular motion. Place a towel under your head while sleeping (We bet you don't like oil stains on your pillow ). And when you get up in the morning wash your hair thoroughly with water in the morning.
Step 2
After you are done with the first stage, to induce fresh hair growth, apply Kesh Rattan oil half an hour before hair wash, for the next few months. To avoid excess oil on hair, wash off with green gram powder (Cheru Payaru Podi) or with Coconut milk shampoo.
Step 3
To maintain growth of strong and healthy hair, continue using Kesh RatTan thrice in a week.
Key Ingredients;                                                                                                                                                                                                                       amla, keshraj, bharingraj, balchad, dhania, shikakai, kali harar, kheera beej, neem chal, neem pati, heena, nimboli, jamun chal, kapur kanchri, peppermint, kalonji, nagar motha, karpoor, til oil, mustard oil, soyabean oil, light liquid paraffin oil.
Treatment Type Hair-fall Therapy
Ideal For Unisex
Container Type Bottle
Quantity 100ML
Formula Oil
Application Area Hair, Scalp
Application Frequency Daily Usage
Applied For Hair Fall, Hair Growth, Split-ends, , premature greying of hair, dandruff, sleeplessness 
& headache
Key Feature
Brand : Amazing