Refreshing Peppermint Soap Refreshing Peppermint Soap Refreshing Peppermint Soap Refreshing Peppermint Soap

Soulflower Refreshing Peppermint Soap

Minimum Usable Period in Months : 6
Number of Components : 1
Total Shelf Life in Months : 24
Minimum Shelf Life in Months : 24
Type : Soap
Formulation : Bar
Type: Soap
Colour: Blue
Skin Type: Ideal for normal to dry skin types
Ingredients: Peppermint essential oil & mint leaves helps your skin look healthy by cleansing, hydrating & restoring the damage. It also soothes irritation, lightens blemishes & brightens your skin. Castor oil soothes irritation, controls ageing signs and acne, moisturises dry skin. Olive oil revitalises, hydrates & softens skin, lightens ageing signs. Palm oil & palm kernel oil moisturise skin & help regain its softness. Coconut oil has antifungal properties that protect skin, heal damaged skin and make it soft. Stearic acid & vitamin e deep-cleanse skin, add radiance and help your skin look younger.
Directions for usage: 1) cut the Soulflower Refreshing Peppermint Soap into two pieces, store unused piece in a cool dry place. 2) use every day to get oil and dirt free fresh, bright and healthy skin. 3) In case of sensitive skin, do not rub the soap directly on your skin, take the lather in hand and massage.
Size: 150 gm
Pamper your skin with this range of luxurious bath soaps from Soulflower! The pleasant, lingering fragrance of the soap will leave you smelling fresh and beautiful all day long, and the natural ingredients nourish and moisturise your skin, giving you a glowing look!