Good Red Matte Me Lipstick 24hrs Long Lasting

Good Red Matte Me Lipstick 24hrs Long Lasting

Key Feature
Brand :   Good
Beauty Color Sepcifications
Color :   Pink
Lips Makeup Specifications
Quantity in :   g
Finish :   Matte
No of units :   1
Quantity Range :   above 10ml/gm
What better excuse to buy more lipstick than fall? With all the apple cider, pumpkin spiced lattes and hot cocoa you’ll be sipping, you’ll need a  liquid  lipstick  to keep your lip color in place throughout all of those warm beverages.
Gently exfoliate with a washcloth or sugar scrub so that you don’t get any dry flakes that will come off or that you’ll be tempted to bite. Then, moisturize your lips with your most hydrating  lip  balm . Be sure to let it sink in before you put on your  liquid  lipstick , else the lipstick may transfer.
Next, shake the tube. It’s always a good idea to shake it up a bit just in case some of the pigment has settled.
Then, if you want, use a  lip  liner  in a similar shade before applying your  liquid  lipstick . The pencil format of a lip liner is a lot easier to maneuver than the doe-foot applicator of most liquid  lipsticks , and it can even make your liquid lipsticks even more long lasting.
For better control, use your first swipe of liquid lipstick to cover the biggest areas of your lips. Then, when you have less product on the applicator, you’ll be able to outline your lips with more control and precision.
If you make a mistake, clean up with makeup remover or a bit of concealer. To remove entirely, use a makeup wipe or an oil-based makeup remover or cleanser. You can even use straight-up oil to remove tough-to-budge liquid  lipsticks . Jojoba oil is gentle yet will do the trick.
Key Feature
Brand : Good
Beauty Color Sepcifications
Color : Pink
Lips Makeup Specifications
Quantity in : g
Finish : Matte
No of units : 1
Quantity Range : above 10ml/gm